Installation Instructions

Bar Tape Installation

Step 1: Collect your tools: You will need a pair of scissors, a marker and electrical tape.

Step 2: Clean your handlebars.

Step 3: Tape your cables the way you want them routed under the Trident tape, and fold back your hoods.

Step 4: Decide which side of the Trident tape you want against your hands, grooved or smooth.

Step 5: Cut a 3 inch strip for under your brake hoods from each roll.

Step 6: Do a quick test wrap to ensure you are wrapping in the correct direction, the Trident bar tape is designed to eliminate the uncomfortable overlap of other tapes and will only overlap smoothly in one direction.

Step 7: Place the end of your Trident tape on the top of the bar at the end of the drops, leaving a portion of the Trident tape overhanging, then test fit your end plug. If you are happy with the fit then remove the end plug and carry on, if not you can cut the Trident tape on an angle to reduce the material.

Step 8: Once again place the end of your Trident tape at the end of the drops, leaving a portion overhanging, and then begin to wrap around the bar.

Step 9: Keep tension on the Trident tape as you wrap it around the handlebar, you may stretch the Trident tape to eliminate any bumps as you go around corners.

Step 10: Continue wrapping your bars under tension until you reach the portion of the bar right underneath your shifter and hood assembly.

Step 11: Use the strips of Trident tape cut in Step 5 to cover the brake-lever clamps. Then use the figure eight method to wrap around the hood and continue wrapping.

Step 12: When you reach the point where you want your Trident tape to end, wrap two or three turns beyond this spot, then mark the finish point on the Trident tape with a marker. Unwrap the additional turns and cut it at the marked angle, and re-wrap it so the cut end is at the bottom of the bar for a neat finish.

Step 13: Circle the end a couple times with electrical tape to secure it in place.

Step 14: Go back and tuck the overlap into the end of the bar and insert the end plug and pull the brake hoods down.

Step 15: Take a ride to your local bike shop to show off your handy work and to return any remaining off cuts of your Trident bar tape. We aim to be a zero-waste company and will recycle all the offcuts.

*You will notice that Trident did not include end plugs, in speaking with cyclists like yourself we made the decision to be environmentally responsible and ask that you reuse your existing end plugs.