Trident is here to change the way you connect with your gear.

Our founder, Jim, who has spent much of his life developing kayaking, tennis, baseball, cricket and other sports equipment was cycling from our manufacturing facility in Toronto to Niagara Falls. After the first 30 miles it started to rain. His grips became soggy, uncomfortable and dangerously less grippy. He pushed on and after another few miles his ah ha moment came to develop a new grip that would take care of these issues.

First, the grip would be non-slippery when wet, be it from rain, sweat, blood or tears. Jim went to great lengths in coming up with our proprietary T9 Polymer which has a cushioned feel, is not slippery when wet, durable, washable, vibration dampening, and hypo-allergenic. The polymer is made in the United States and we form it here in Toronto, Canada to produce our grips.

Second, the grip would have to be more comfortable than any grip in the market. The patent pending profile design allows for a smooth overlap and is reversible, giving you the option of a textured grip or a classic smooth grip.

Trident Grips are the ultimate in non-slip, keeping Rocky River Paddles in your hands. Jim applied Trident Grips to his bicycle and that was just the beginning.

Drenched from an intense tennis match? Trident keeps your racquet from slipping.

Since applying Trident Grips to bicycle bar tape, we have gone on to test it on tennis racquets, squash racquets, baseball bats, and cricket bats. We’re sure there’s more sports in need of this non-slip grip, too!

Here at Trident we connect you to the sports you love.